Rebecca Sandra Waters

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This just in: This site is now retired. I won't be updating it anymore. To see the latest developments in my life, check out my MySpace page at

Hi everybody!

I'm Rebecca, a transgendered girl who lives in the southern United States. I've been dressing like this all of my life, and if you really want to know more about why, that's in the Bio section. I recently put this web page up to share myself and my experiences with people who might be interested, having been inspired for years by other trans-girls who have done the same. Pages like this come and go on the internet, and I can't say for sure how long this one will be up, so enjoy it while you can. Oh, and for those who are interested in the stats: I'm a petite brunette (most of the time, but sometimes I like to have other hair colors, too), 5' 3" and pretty small and skinny. No, I'm not anorexic, just naturally tiny and feminine, I suppose. Go on, be jealous. ;)

As for who I am, I'm a perpetual smart-ass and, let's face it, sometimes a snarky little bitch. I don't apologize for that. If you can't handle that and don't have a sense of humor, then this isn't the place for you. I can be nice, though, I promise!

Like most vain trans-girls, I'm here to post my pictures. The majority of the ones you'll see on here come from videotapes of myself that I've made over the years, which is why a lot of them aren't very good quality and why I'm almost never looking at the camera (I was usually looking at the TV to see how good I looked... Did I say vain already?). Some of the pictures were made with actual cameras, though, so those are higher quality.

I like getting email from people, so if you want to send me a hello, please see my Contact section at the top of the page. Okay, fine, for you lazier people, it's rebeccabeme at yahoo dot com. Just type it in the same way you would do a normal email address (with the "@" and the "."). I just put it here that way to try to avoid the evil spam robots. But seriously, before you email me, I'd REALLY recommend that you read the Contact section first. And for gods sake don't send me spam. Also, I have no objection to anyone downloading my pictures for their own enjoyment, but please don't put them up somewhere else like a chatroom or something and claim that you're me. Because that's just fucking lame.